Ask our Google Adwords experts to tell you exactly how to set up your Adwords campaign so you can maximise the return on your investment

Prepared especially for your business by Ofeli Google Partners

Adwords Set Up Guide

We'll tell you exactly how to set up your Adwords campaign to make it work for your business.  Ideal for those who are fairly confident in Adwords administration but would like to be told how best to set up their campaign structure.

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Let us take the hard work out of setting up your Adwords campaign

The way in which you structure your Adwords campaign can mean the difference between a great return on your investment or a bad one.  As Google Partners, we have years of experience setting up Adwords campaign so why not let us take the pain out of the research phase for you.

We will tell you exactly how to set up your Adwords campaign to maximise success.  All you need to do is import it into your Adwords campaign and set up the budgets.

  • Keyword Research

    We will research your keywords for you and send you a list of Ad Groups, keywords to associate with each group and the negative keywords you should use at the start of your campaign.

  • The Right Budget

    We will advise you on how much to bid per keyword to optimise the campaign for your particular requirements.

  • Adwords Structure

    We will guide you through how to create the Ads, advising on how to phrase them for maximum impact.

  • Video Guide

    Access to our Adwords Training Video series so you can see how to use this information to build your own campaign in Adwords.

  • Technical Support

    10% discount on our online technical support where you can talk through any issues with one of our registered Google partners.

  • Weekly Bonus Videos

    We’ll add you to our Weekly Bonus Videos and tips so you stay up to date with all the latest advice from Ofeli and Google.

By ordering our Adwords DIY Guide you are ordering a report which details how you should set up your Adwords campaign for your own business.  The cost does not include Ofeli setting up your Adwords campaign for you or for showing you how to use Adwords (other than the link to our video series).

If you need Ofeli to actually set up your campaign for you, you will need to buy our "Set Up For You" package by clicking here.